Eroswia Demonstration Video


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Eroswia is a series of sexual positions believed to have originated in ancient Greece. They evolved to create a slow build-up of sexual energy and fluids that release in a stronger climax than a typical orgasm.The sequence of positions guides the body through the four stages of sex; Desire, Arousal, Plateau, and Orgasm. Each step is done slowly and utilizes specific movements that trigger a buildup of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine which science has since found to be the cause of prolonged and more intense orgasms.


Some anti-depressants and smoking cessation drugs are known to cause a dramatic rise in norepinephrine levels. Combining these drugs with the norepinephrine spikes produced through eroswia can lead to uncomfortable or painful experiences.


When practising these positions, participants should mind the importance of progressing slowly and plan for a session that will take several hours. The positions and movements are actually designed with the intention of prolonging sex by controlling the degree and timing of the following factors:

  • Vaginal Tension
  • Depth of Penetration
  • Rhythm of Intercourse
  • Vulvo & Testicular-Vasocongestion

For best experience, participants are encouraged to hydrate well. The slow sequence causes both men and women to produce and release greater volumes of fluids than what is experienced during regular sex. Should this be found to be favourable, men can enhance the experience further by supplementing with soy lecithin to produce a greater volume of seminal fluid.

Two lovers in eroswia sex position


How far you and your partner progress through the sequence will depend on both your personal desire to do so, as well as your physical stamina. While you do not need to be in top physical condition to partake in these acts, the body does need time to acclimate itself to the physical responses that will be triggered in this process, so it is best to only attempt one phase per session until you have greater experience and can gauge your limits.