Position 1 – Stimulating Desire

Although this looks like it’s a simple position of the woman lying on top, it involves a few twists and turns that serve as a prequel and help to build up the stamina of the partners. The trusts here are slow and shallow, catering to the first third of her vagina. This limits penile stimulation and allows for a more luxurious pace.

Mount him cowgirl style, lean forward till you’re lying on top of him, and slide your legs inside of his.


Place your ankles on top of hers so that your legs are forming a twisted pretzel. Your legs should be bent at the knee and laying flat on the bed – positioned as if they formed a heart, with her occupying the space inside it. Use your hands to explore her body while she works on you.


As you lay on top of him and between his legs, rub into him and along his legs. The pressure created by your legs will result in a contract and release effect in your vagina and delver considerable tension for his penis.


Eroswia sex position step 1


The amount of time you want to spend in this embrace will vary with your needs. Your goal should be light stimulation, not an orgasm. Remember the four stages of Eroswia. This position is meant to stimulate desire before for we progress to the other stages.