Position 2 – Stimulating Arousal

The second position of Eroswia can be described as a variation on the side saddle cowgirl. We will move from the point where the man is laying down with the woman on top, legs still locked in a pretzel.


Place your hand on the surface of the bed or surface you are on and lift yourself up, moving back away from him. You are walking backwards on your knees. You stay between his legs, but he is no longer inside of you. Move to either side of him.


Stay on your back. Pull your legs towards you with knees bent. It should look as though you’re about to do a sit-up, only in this case, one of your legs will remain laying flat.


Kneel over your man, with one knee over his flat leg. Lower yourself onto his penis, you should be facing between 45-90 degrees to the centre of his torso. Place your hands wherever is comfortable for extra support. You can also grasp his bent knee for better control as you move up and down on his penis. If you need extra stimulation, you can grind yourself into his crotch. You can also try twisting your hips from side to side for extra effect.

Eroswia sex position step 2


In this stage she will be able to control the speed and depth of entry, but will will still be able to thrust if he feels the need for that extra titillation.